Tessil-Tex Due was founded in 1974 as Tessil-Tex s.n.c. becoming Tessil-Tex Due S.r.l. in early 1995, with a Head office and Manufacturing Plant situated at Strada Sabbioni, 21, in Trofarello near to Turin;
In 2014 Tessil-Tex Due celebrated 40 years in business.

The Company is active on a daily basis working with the most up-to-date technologies, developing and producing technical fabrics in both rolls and cut pieces for the Automotive and Industrial Markets.

Our material produced with the malivlies technology can be supplied plain or printed with a pattern or design according to our customer’s specification.

In response to market demands, it is possible to treat fabrics with finishing processes that provide flame retardancy and resistance to water and oil.

The coating process allows for the non-woven material to have a foam backing (acrylic, vynilic, or poliuretanyc), that when polymerized at high temperatures, creates a bonding of the technical fabric to the substrate during the customers’ moulding process.

The polythene process allows for the application of a thermoadesive powder, that when polymerized at high temperatures, creates a bonding of the technical fabric to the substrate during the customers’ moulding process.

Tessil-Tex Due supplies products to both the Italian and Foreign Markets, supporting customers in the research and development of new products and new applications.




Tessil-Tex Due was founded in 1974 as Tessil-Tex Due S.n.c. by our President Mr Giovanni Barrera, the company began in the production and trading of industrial bolts for cleaning at a plant in nearby Moncalieri (Turin).

Due to a change in market activity, the Company invested heavily in the development of personnel and technology so as to orientate itself towards producing non-woven materials for the automotive market.

In January 1995, the new Company Tessil-Tex Due S.r.l., was founded as a result of the handover to Enrico Barrera, General Manager and son of the founder.
Production was transferred to a new manufacturing facility in Trofarello (Turin) which occupies approximately 21000 m2.

In recent years, Tessil-Tex Due’s flexibility has developed and along with investment in both new technologies and personnel, has allowed the Company to enjoy a growing increase in market share through continuous development and production of new products.






  • Weaving lines with Malivlies Technology, F18 able to work Viscose, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyamide, Pan, with a range of weight from 80 to 220 g /m2 and roll width upto a maximum of 6.4 meters
  • Imprime line with pigment rotary press.
  • Back coating lines which use adhesive resins (Polyurethane, Acrylic and SBR), soft touch latex and sound proofing material.
  • Coating lines which use resin compounds.
  • Finishing lines for waterproofing treatment, flame retardant treatment, oilproofing treatment, gas oil proofing treatment, dry soil resistant and stain resistant, anti-fire paint treatment, thermotreatment and stabilization.
  • Calender lines to glaze the non woven material, stabilize peeling on the back, and couple the non woven with film.
  • Thermoadhesive powder line to apply thermoreactive powder P.E, P.U, P.A, surling and copes.
  • Cutting machines
  • Inspection machines to check material 100% and prepare roll widths according to customer requirements.
  • Embossing lines
  • Lamination line and coupled line.
  • Brushing lines




Tessil-Tex Due has an internal laboratory to test all materials during research and development, as well as ensuring that articles in production conform to the appropriate automotive specification of the customer.

Laboratory activity is regulated by procedures and instructions in accordance with the technical specification ISO TS 16949/2002.

The Laboratory is equipped with small prototype development machines that can simulate all of the processes used in production, thus making it possible to produce new ideas and development samples for Customers.

The Laboratory also has the following test instruments at its disposal:

  • Dynamometer for tensile strength, elongation, breaking load, bursting strength, tearing strength.
  • Perspyrometer to test resistance to the water exposure.
  • Crockmeter to test resistance to rubbing.
  • Usometro per la prova di resistenza all’usura.
  • Usometer to test resistance to wear.

Additional tests can be carried out by external laboratories certificated by SIT.




Tessil-Tex Due places great emphasis on quality, and all personnel are involved and dedicated to achieving objectives that will increase Customer Satisfaction.
Having previously been certified to ISO 9002/94 and ISO 9001/2000, in 2004, Tessil-Tex Due became certified to the Automotive Standard ISO TS 16949/2009 which was achieved with the full co-operation and dedicated effort of the Company’s personnel and for which the Company is justly proud.





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